Heartspeak about Addiction, Relationships & Mental Health

Heartspeak about Addiction, Relationships & Mental Health is a 40-minute documentary featuring Bill, Rena, Mike, Mark and Carol—with Shelley Steele as they share their experiences with drug and/or alcohol addiction.

They talk about the pressures, the need to escape their thoughts, escape from emotional pain, why they started using drugs, the fear of being alone, how they have paid the price—damaging their health, and losing close relationships, learning what a true friend is, the lack of role models and places to discuss difficult feelings, and why Heartspeak sessions offer a solution.

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Playlist : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAU_T2Bbac8&list=PL47379EF89CA353B8

Mental Health & Addition

Invisible Hunger

Brea and Braiden were both bullied in different elementary and high schools—and developed eating disorders. They share their struggles, the impact on their friends, family, and mental health, as well as how they found healing and support.

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